Spectrum TC is the National Governing Body for Transition Coaching and as such provides the quality assurance for all training, mentoring and coaching authorised or conducted by it. 

Spectrum TC is committed to ensuring that all those taking part in our programmes are able to do so protected and kept safe whilst they are participating.   This is particularly true in respect of children and vulnerable groups where it is important that they can get the most in a safe environment protected from any form of poor practice.

Spectrum NGB has developed a range of policies, guidance and templates to support to all organisations and individuals involved in Transition Coaching  to safeguard, protect and guide all concerned.



We welcome practitioners from other disciplines as members and recognition of prior learning will be applied to memberships.

Membership is for a duration of 1 year initiated from the date of registration.

We hold the right to refuse or cancel a membership as appropriate.

Membership must be taken based on training level. Should a trained member complete an update within the 12-month subscription they must increase to the membership to the new level of award.  The relevant cost of subscription will be increased including a discount of any cost already paid.

If membership is terminated within the subscription period no refund will be offered for any outstanding amount.
Services such as Coaching and CPD upskill events will be diarised as agreed, times will need to be followed to ensure that each member receives their entitlement.

If a booking is made to attend a CPD upskill event and the member cannot attend, they must provide a minimum of 30 days’ notice. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting their membership being covered.

All coaching and consultations must be pre-booked to ensure that all members receive the time they require. Should a member fail to provide notice of at least 14 days that they require an amendment or cancellation of a reserved slot, this will result in this amount being deducted from their annual allowance.

Any complaints or enquiries regarding membership should be made to where they will be addressed within 3 working days.