Happiness Accelerator Coach

‘ the first step in 
transition coaching ’

We are offering an online programme where you will learn the basic elements of Spectrum Transition Coaching, which until now wasn’t available to all.

This programme is a series of videos with an accompanying manual that allows you to learn skills designed to do all of the above and much more as it creates a more positive and meaningful relationship with you and your children. You will understand them more and learn the language to unlock their foibles.​ This is the first step in Transition Coaching and although it has been designed with children in mind, it can be applied to anyone.

This will be followed up by the opportunity to ask questions via video conference and seek
further training to add to your skill set if desired.

The magic and power of transition coaching is well established as a very efficient system for creating change and it will no doubt help you lead your children to greater levels of resilience, mental health and well-being.

The cost of this programme is £49.99 which includes all resources and first year membership with a fast growing 
community of transition coaches.

If you are interested in this training, then please make contact with our team.

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