Trainers Training

‘ train the full spectrum of transition coaching ’

This programme is designed for those who want a greater level of autonomy and responsibility. It could be that the Coach wants to create a business training and certifying others.

With great responsibility comes great reward and this programme opens the door for business development and personal growth empowering others in the use of a system that is inspirational and exceptionally effective in any arena of performance.

It is a consolidation of everything that has been learnt on the coaching programmes and is an opportunity to make a living  whilst giving something back.

This is a 10 day programme and the minimum standards for this
programme are as follows:

Home Study:                                                 120 Hours
Test Paper:                                                    3 Hours
Contact Training Time:                               10 Days

Satisfactory demonstration of the following behavioural competencies:

All behavioural skills at Performance and Transition Coaching Level 3
 with the ability to do any and all advanced techniques simultaneously both overtly and covertly.

Ability to demonstrate the behaviour of what one is teaching and to
teach what one is doing and to act as a model of excellence and best practice.

Demonstration of presentation and teaching skills.

Demonstration of a personal style and artistry indicating that the new trainer is integrating skills into his/her own behaviours.

On completion of the programme the Trainer will be 
able to demonstrate the relevant level of competence in:

The Performance Coach in action
Take a detailed personal history of the coachee
Conduct a risk assessment
Establish a behavioural baseline for change or referral
Determine which interventions are suitable for change
Use of quantum linguistics for change
Questions for change
Create transformational metaphors for change
The nine steps for change
Carry out a one to one session creating personal change using the interventions within the award
Work with persons values
The language of influence
The constructs of personality in language
Resolving conflict
Seek peer review and mentorship for professional development
Work within the limitations of the award
Action planning
Establishing/renewing permission and rapport
Measuring sensory responses
Forming the coach to coachee relationship
 Working within professional boundaries
The ethics of coaching
The concept of dissonance
Establishing a baseline measurement
Determining the coachee level of need
The Bio/Psycho/Social Model
Bypassing critical resistance within the coachee
The components of performance
The principles of ownership
The internal compass
Coachee motivation and focus
The hurdles of performance
Triggers, Drivers and Behaviours
Changing a negative mindset
Measuring Coachee progress
Creating meaningful goals.
Anchoring the future.
Use of feedback for focus and motivation.

What does the Trainer need to prepare for the training?

One of the MAJOR things the Trainer will be doing on this training will be
presenting Spectrum Transition Coaching supporting topics.

Part of the evaluation is being assessed on two pre-prepared presentations
on Spectrum and the supporting topics of choice. These two presentations
will be prepared, honed and refined throughout the training and the Trainer
will need them ready for day two of the training as they will act as the
model for all of the other topics.

The second part of the evaluation will be for the Trainer to present a topic
of the Lead Trainer’s choice at short notice. The purpose is to assess the
ability of the Trainer to plan and deliver Spectrum topics to a set of specific
requirements at short notice.

The Trainer should be fully conversant with the knowledge and skills in all
of the topics related to Spectrum Transition Coaching Level 3 award as
these will form the content of the training.

The programme is designed to equip the trainer with the necessary
knowledge to ensure successful and skilled delivery of this powerful system
for change.

All potential trainers will receive detailed direction on exactly what to
prepare ahead of the training upon commitment to it.

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