Transition Coach Level 2

‘ a leap forward into
 transition coaching ’

Delegates who attend this programme are really keen to extend their skillset beyond Transition Coach Level 1 and are now ready to work withclients on a deeper and more transitional level. They recognise thattransition often requires deeper emotional change to be achievable for theclient and support is crucial if the client is to be successful in becoming self-reliant.

This is a natural extension of what has been previously learnt from earlierprogrammes and is appealing to those who prefer to work with issues that require a fully comprehensive model.

A 5 day programme with the minimum standards as follows:
Certified by Spectrum Transition Coaching NGB

Pre​Pre-Requisites:                                       Transition Coach Level 1
Home Study:                                                 40 hours
Test Paper:                                                    2 hours
Contact Training Time:                               45 hours
Completion of Reflective Diary:                10 clients

The Spectrum Transition Coach Level 2 must demonstrate the relevant
level of competence in the following constructs of the award:

Measuring sensory responses
Forming the coach to coachee relationship
Working within professional boundaries
The power of questions
The ethics of coaching
The concept of dissonance
Establishing baseline measurements
Determining the coachee’s level of need.
The Bio/Psycho/Social Model
Bypassing critical resistance within the coachee
The components of performance
The principles of ownership
Secondary gain
The internal compass
Coachee motivation and focus
The hurdles of performance
Triggers, Drivers and Behaviours
Changing negative mindsets
Measuring coachee progress
Creating meaningful goals
Anchoring the future.
Use of feedback for focus and motivation
Action planning

They will also be able to demonstrate the following additional elements:

Understand the basic principles of relaxation and hypnosis
Conduct a risk assessment
Develop personal resilience in others and self
Work with more complex clients
Master language models
Create metaphors for change
Develop mastery of questions
Learn how to resolve internal conflict
Carry out a one to one session creating personal change using the interventions within the award
Seek peer review and mentorship for professional development
Work within the limitations of the award
Complete a reflective diary

The programme facilitates all learning styles and includes theory affirmed
by one to one Coaching practice.

On completion of the programme, all coachees are offered the opportunity
to connect with a mentor that is suitably qualified and experienced.

All delegates can expect to receive a personal one to one as part of the
programme to establish a level of congruence and understanding of its’ use
with other coachees and clients.

Certification is included and all coaches are advised and mentored to work
within their scope of experience according to the limitations of the award.

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